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Every year, tens of thousands of teenagers struggle with thoughts of depression, deep sadness, isolation, suicide, stress and the feeling of helplessness. Sadly, and too often, the parents of these teens are the last to learn this, and sometimes too late to take action. However, today, there exist terrific resources in formats that teenagers can understand, to help them in multiple ways with these issues, while still allowing the teen to retain their much-needed dignity that they desire. By using the local teenage band Showcase format, judged by Music Professionals on both quality and number of attendees and offering outstanding awards, then the exposure to these resources will have the greatest impact.


These programs will need to be held in a facility that can seat more than one hundred teenagers and still have room for tables of resources off to the side or in the back of the room. In-between each band will be a speaker from the music industry for a few minutes to share a personal story. Total cost for this should be the facility, winning awards, custodial and advertising/marketing. Food can be handled by food trucks outside the facility.

In Memory of Jake Kallen

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