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Every year, tens of thousands of teenagers struggle with thoughts of depression, deep sadness, isolation, suicide, stress and the feeling of helplessness. Sadly, and too often, the parents of these teens are the last to learn this, and sometimes too late to take action.

However, today, there are so many terrific resources in formats that teenagers can understand, to help them in multiple ways with these issues, while still allowing teens to retain their privacy and dignity.

From our interactive and engaging Teen Talent Showcase, social media pages, monthly newsletter, and Mental Wellness blog, our mental health resources are designed to reach teens and young adults through several formats in both digital and live channels.

In Memory of Jake Kallen

Our Team




Elliot brings 25 years of leadership and management experience from the business sector to his role at A Brighter Day. He co-founded A Brighter Day in 2016 with his wife Tammy after the loss of their son Jake, to support young adults in their transition to adulthood and to help prevent teen suicide.

Elliot formerly served as Board President of The Boys and Girls Club of the Diablo Valley, and remains actively involved today. He has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for this organization, which is on the front lines in providing athletic, social and cultural programming to the children of Diablo Valley. Elliot is also active with The Fallen Heroes Charity.



Senior Executive Director

Michael Hurwitz is the Senior Executive Director of A Brighter Day  He brings with him decades of experience working with both large and small, startup and multi-national corporations, in senior level sales and marketing management. He also brings a lifetime of musical arts experience as a professional performing musician (drums, percussion, guitar, keyboards, trumpet, sound design and sampling), as well as a recording artist, recording engineer and record producer. He received an Emmy Award for Music and Sound Production for the PBS Documentary “Spare The Rod”, a poignant documentary about child abuse.

Michael’s work with A Brighter Day includes running our day to day Teen Outreach Programs including: The Teen Talent Showcase and The Teen Rock Band Showcase. He also works on developing A Brighter Day’s fundraising efforts. His work has been instrumental in driving our mission to help support Teens suffering with Stress and Depression.



Executive Director

Tammy Carlson-Kallen serves as the Executive Director for A Brighter Day. She is intimately involved with all aspects of the charity and focuses on events and fundraising activities, as well as community outreach.

Prior to joining A Brighter Day, Tammy spent 25 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry where she was a leader in the dermatological field.

Faith Summit Speech

Video message of John Trautwein – January, 2015 to the Fulton County, GA Faith Summit 2015, on Teen Suicide & Mental Illness Awareness and the roles of Trusted Adults in the lives of teenagers today.

A Letter from Elliot Kallen

A Brighter Day, the 501(c)(3) Charity which Unites Stress and Depression Resources with Teenagers, will have reached thousands of teens in only our sixth year. Sadly, the motivation for this charity came from the suicide of my son, Jake, while attending the University of Montana in 2015. However, we are making a difference in the lives of teenagers and I have received many cards form teens thanking us for savings their lives.

Please don’t hesitate in contacting us to give your support. We have more than 100 teens come to each of our Annual Teen Talent Showcases in the Bay Area, in both virtual format and indoor and outdoor venues. We hand out to every teen a backpack filled with articles and resources on Stress and Depression for Teens.

We have many donors and supporters now, and that is growing every day. We are always looking for more participation, and hope you can help in furthering our cause. There are many ways to have a super day with A Brighter Day.

Thank you for your support.

Elliot H. Kallen