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Halloween Can Increase Stress and Depression in Teens: What Parents Can Do To Help

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As families roll into the fall season, the founder of A Brighter Day shares his tips to strengthen the relationship between parents and their teens.

“Dedicate a day or two to giving quality, undivided attention to your teen. You can get creative here; they would instead not do this, but it’s important. Make it fun. Involve their interests.”— Elliot Kallen, President of A Brighter Day

It’s hard to fathom that dressing up in costumes, asking for candy, or handing out candy can increase the stress level in our teens. But, it’s true. The shortened daylight hours and longing for one’s younger days when Halloween was innocent and fun can actually cause or increase the level of stress for teens, as well as depression. As parents, it’s crucial to pay attention to the signs.

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