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Impact of Your Donation: A Lifeline Against Teen Suicide

Our Mission

As a dedicated 501(c)(3) charity, our unwavering commitment lies in providing teens and their families with essential resources to combat stress and depression, ultimately aiming to prevent teen suicide. Our operational costs are minimal, thanks to sharing space and services at no cost with Prosperity Financial Group (PFG) in San Ramon. Additionally, we are grateful for donated resources including copying, mailing, and social media assistance. Originally a Northern California-based organization, our influence has been steadily growing. We are ambitiously aiming to become a nationally self-sustaining organization within the next five years.

Your Donations at Work

Your generosity is the cornerstone of our expanding outreach. Here’s how every contribution makes a difference

Digital Outreach: Empowering Through Knowledge

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Initiatives Supporting Teens and Families Across America

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College Scholarships

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Sarah Fiveash

I truly want to thank A Brighter Day for this scholarship that has improved my educational opportunities.

Andres Arrizon

Not only has A Brighter Day helped me express my feelings through music on stage, but they are also helping me further my education in college.

Roshni Aradhya

I am so grateful to have this scholarship to pay for all those supplies and textbooks.

Immediate Support: 24/7 Teen Crisis Text Hotline

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Ongoing Support: Zoom Counseling Services

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