College Scholarship


College Scholarship Program
for High School Seniors


For more than three years, A Brighter Day has been promoting Mental Wellness with Teenage Band Showcases throughout the Bay Area. We have touched more than 700 teens and 200 adults thus far and we hope to continue this rapid and exciting pace, Uniting Stress and Depression Resources with Teens using music. More information is on our website at www.abrighterday.info . 

The Charity began following the suicide of Jake Kallen in 2015, age 19 from Lafayette, CA, and a sophomore at the University of Montana. In his note to his parents, he wrote that he had been feeling “this way” for a long time, he would never had told his parents and he would never had asked for help. 

Thanks to our generous donors and friends, we are now able to offer College Scholarships to cover your textbooks for up to four years per student, a maximum of $500 per semester or $1000 per year. Each year we will invite you to reapply for a similar scholarship.

Here is the criteria: 

Simply write an essay (minimum 500 words) on how you have dealt with stress or depression in your life. 

We will be judging by the strength and depth of your essay and your financial need. Once we receive the essay, we will reach back out to you with a request for some financial information to make sure you have a financial need for assistance for purchasing your textbooks. It will be a simple request. 

Please send your essay to elliotkallen5@gmail.com . It doesn’t matter if your choice is a four-year college or local community college. You are welcome to call 

Elliot Kallen at 510-206-1103 for more questions or information. 

We also congratulate you on your desire to take the next step in your education process. 

The journey will be worth your time and we wish you the best of personal happiness and success.

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We are a 501 (c) (3)  Charity Organization
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