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Compassionate and empathetic leadership lies at the core of this mission. It’s essential to understand the unique challenges faced by teenagers and their parents concerning stress, depression, and the delicate topic of suicide.

Empathy allows for genuine connection and a better understanding of the needs and emotions of those you aim to support.

Our Dedicated Team

Our commitment to low overhead is reflected in our modest, yet effective team

Elliot Kallen


Tammy Carlson

Executive Director

Ami Doshi

Program Director

Bob Hammer

Business Development

Domenico DeLuca

Fundraising Director

Christopher Luna


Board of Directors

A diverse group of passionate individuals guides our journey:

Elliot Kallen


Tammy Carlson


Trey Banton


Jeff Serkes

Board Member

Judy Collins

Board Member

Richard Suess

Board Member

Craig Judson

Board Member

Robert Dillon

Board Member

Jon Miklos

Board Member

Our Fundraising Pillars

Annual Golf Fundraiser

Charity Car Show

Charity Gala

Speaking Engagements Donations

Social Media Donations

$11/Month Donation Campaign

Active Grant Writing

Community Events

Next Step

In addition to these pillars, a key focus for us is to engage one or more celebrities who have personal experiences with stress and depression. Their stories could be immensely influential in raising awareness for our cause. Such partnerships would not only lend a powerful voice to our mission but also significantly enhance our brand visibility and outreach.

Thank You for Your Support

As we continue our vital mission, your support plays a crucial role in transforming lives and offering hope. Every contribution, big or small, makes a meaningful difference. We invite you to join us in this journey of empowerment and healing.
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