A Brighter Day Yahoo Teens Showcase Talents to Stop Teen Suicide Sia Puri


A Brighter Day and first-place Teen Talent Showcase winner Sia P. were featured in Yahoo! in November 2021.

The reverberating buzz of a sitar marks the start of the Kathak dance performance. She assumes a relaxed, poised stance. The drumbeat begins, and in unison, her elaborate footwork starts up. Her feet strike the floor with 1/24th of a beat accuracy, acting as percussive rhythmic instruments. She wears 2.5 to 5 pounds of bells (ghungroo) on her legs, which emphasize her rhythmic foot movements as she twirls and twists in harmony with the music.

Who is she?…


The Suicide Prevention Show

Elliot Kallen and Jackie Simmons, the co-founder of the Make It A Great Day Movement, TEDx Speaker, and host of The Suicide Prevention Show, have a conversation about reducing mental health stigma.

Commonwealth Club of California Podcast

Elliot Kallen and Dr. Patrick O’Reilly, a clinical psychologist specializing in anxiety disorders, have a conversation about A Brighter Day and the Teen Talent Showcase.

Natural Solutions with Dr. Jay

Dr. Jay Sordean, author of Super Brain: Maximize Your Brain Health for a Better Life, talk about A Brighter Day conversation and the Teen Talent Showcase.

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