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Spring Forward from Teen Depression: Action Steps for Parents 

Mother and teen daughter

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Teens Need Resources More Than Ever

The world has temporarily become more complicated, but the level of our teen’s stress and teen suicide overall continues to be at epidemic levels.

Your teens, more than ever, need resources to deal with this depression more effectively, while their parents are being bombarded with negative headlines and news.  

Let’s get beyond the negative headlines of the day!

As parents, we are on the front line of communication with our teens. To be more effective with asking the “right” questions, we are going to have to separate ourselves from our day-to-day.

We have to put aside the 24-hour news and our personal problems so we are “present” for our teens. Asking great in-depth questions in an atmosphere of no judgement is the key to finding out what is going on in the heads of our teens.

3 Scenarios for Reaching Your Teen

Making Conversation a Priority 

  1. Make dinners cell phone-free so the total focus can be on positive conversation.
  2. Make drive-time more effective by making it cell phone and earbud-free.
  3. Take a weekly walk with your teen. Everyone loves to walk and talk. Again, no cell phones.

Signs Your Teen May Be Struggling with Depression

Action Steps for Supporting Your Teen’s Mental Health Today 

Use our 24/7 Crisis Text Line available for every teen in America 

Talk with your school counselor.

Meet with your Pediatrician.

Set up weekly Zoom meetings with our Teletherapy services.

Set up live counseling meetings in your area.

Speak with your teen about action steps and be careful not to over or under react.

Don't be passive with your teen.
Their life depends on it.

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