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Warning Signs that Your Teen is Being Bullied

stressed out redhead teenager looking at laptop with teal cup

As parents, one of the things we often worry about is the possibility of our children getting bullied or picked on at school. This worry never goes away, even as our children become teenagers and adults. We all know first-hand how cruel kids can be, and just how damaging it can be to feel isolated—especially […]

5 Moves to Dodge Peer Pressure

two teenage guys teasing a teenage girl

Everyone experiences peer pressure. It’s totally normal to want to fit in and be accepted by a group, especially in your teenage years! There are so many great things that come with having friends. For one, it feels good to belong to a group of people whom you admire. On top of that, you’ll always […]

6 Golden Rules for Dealing With Cliques

happy girl wearing yellow sweater and pink pants

Mean Girls. Pitch Perfect. Emily in Paris. 13 Reasons Why. What do all of these movies and TV shows have in common? They all explore the world of cliques. Here’s the thing: There is a pretty good chance that you’ll have to deal with cliques sometime during middle school, high school, or college. Believe it […]

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