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12 Ways to Deal With Loneliness During Social Isolation

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There’s no sugarcoating it: it’s a stressful time to be alive. Every time we glance at the TV, scroll our social media feeds, or even check our emails, we’re seeing constant reminders of the global pandemic. After spending a year in isolation and lockdown, it’s no wonder that everyone’s anxiety is at an all-time high! […]

Schools and Life are Re-Opening: Talk With Your Teen

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I received three phone calls in the last two weeks from parents whose teen recently took their own life… suicide.  As you can imagine, the parents are messes with thousands of unanswered questions and a lifetime of second-guessing.  The most recent suicide was of a local teen football player who was hoping for an Ivy […]

A Parent’s Guide to Teen Mental Health and COVID

parent helping teenager with homework on computer

2020 is over and it has been challenging for most of us. But we also need to shed light on the silent sufferers: our youth, especially our teens.  Not too long ago, I was approached by a parent whose child’s friend spoke about committing suicide and wished they had never been born. The child is […]

It’s Holiday Season… A Stressful Season for Teens, Too

We’re all aware of adult depression and suicide during the holiday season.  Numbers are always off the charts and way too high.   But are you also aware of how the holiday season affects teens? Especially during this COVID-19 period when socialization and friendship for teens is at an all-time low, we must not forget […]

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