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Social Media and Our Perception of Reality

Teenage boy checking his social media likes for facebook and instagram

While social media can help build relationships, encourage connection, offer support, motivate young people, and spark one’s creative side, it can have negative implications if misused. Social Media Self-Perception vs. Reality There is no question that social media can negatively impact a person’s self-perception and mental health. Typically, this is caused by comparing ourselves to […]

The ABCs of Dealing with Social Anxiety

curly haired young man wearing yellow polo sitting at orange table next to orange TV

Have you ever felt an intense fear of: Being judged? Making a mistake or embarrassing yourself? People looking at you or scrutinizing you? Specific situations, like ordering at a restaurant or talking in front of a crowd? Then you’ve experienced some degree of social anxiety. What is social anxiety? There are 3 important things to […]