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We are all painfully aware of the epidemic of stress and depression in the lives of our teens.

Recent surveys suggest that as high as 50% of all teens have experienced overwhelming stress and/or depression at some point. Left unchecked, depression can lead to the most awful of outcomes: suicide. You can find these disturbing statistics on the internet.

Confronting the Tragedy that Inspired Action

A Brighter Day Charity was formed following the suicide death of my teen son, Jake. Neither drugs nor alcohol was involved – just depression. According to his suicide note, he had been feeling this way for some time. 

As a parent, you might ask…

  • How did you not see this coming? 
  • What were the signs? 
  • Why didn’t you dig deeper into his feelings? 
  • Why didn’t his teachers and school counselors see this coming? 
  • And you’d be right to ask these questions.

Parents are often unprepared to ask the right questions in a non-judgmental and safe atmosphere where, perhaps, my teen would have given me deeper responses than the typical caveman answers to his feelings that most boys offer.

This is precisely why we began A Brighter Day. Parents and teens need help. We love our children unconditionally, and they know this to be true. But when the dark walls of depression close in on your teen, nothing good will happen. Our job as parents is to discover that this darkness exists, understand why our teen is so sad, and then find ways to bring healthy alternatives to the table.

Here is what A Brighter Day,, offers as resources to help you:

Educational Resources for Support and Growth

Take a look at the vast quantity of written resources on the website. We publish two newsletters monthly, each consisting of two or three articles to help parents. Our newsletters are free. You’ll love the Parent Survival Tool Kit, and your Teen will also find the Teen Survival Tool Kit helpful. All on the website.

A Lifeline for Teens: 24/7 Text Chat Line

We offer a 24/7 Text Chat Line to teens in all 50 states, where they can text “BRIGHTER” to 741741 and, in just a few minutes, chat with someone who can help them.

Complimentary Therapy for Teens and Parents

We provide a live Zoom program where you or your teen can receive weekly help from a licensed therapist. Our charity covers the cost of the first three months of therapy, as we never want parents to have to choose between feeding their family and receiving therapy.

Virtual Support Group for Parents Seeking Guidance

We host a live Zoom program where parents can anonymously seek answers to their questions regarding stress and depression on a monthly basis. We call this our Virtual Support Group.

We don’t raise money, which every charity needs to exist, with the above programs. We have a golf outing in June, a car show in June, a gala later this year, an $11 per month donation campaign, and the ability to donate on the website.

Come join our cause. Together, we can put a dent in teen depression and stop teen suicide.

Don't be passive with your teen.
Their life depends on it.

For any questions, please call 510-206-1103 
or email me at

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