Wrapping Up an Incredible 2021

Dec 20, 2021

A Brighter Day Charity is proud to say we have just finished year five of our, your, incredible charity. We have been distributing a variety of resources for teens and their parents on stress and depression with the ultimate goal being the prevention of teen suicide. Well, we are having a powerful impact, thanks to you.

As of today, we have touched more than 2,500 teens and adults with our resources. We cover a wide range of topics from bullying, relationships, to mental health tips. So, there is something for everyone. Without hesitation, I can say we have changed the lives of teens and hopefully prevented the heartbreak that was waiting for their parents.

Our Teen Talent Showcases last year had more than 14,000 views. We have two additional ones coming up shortly, and we expect no fewer views.

We had two major fundraisers, golf and our virtual gala. Both had a fantastic turnout, and we raised more than $100,000!  Thank you!

And to date, we have given out 12 college scholarships.

Wow, what a successful year for A Brighter Day!

If you would like the opportunity to donate to a wonderful cause that helps the youth of our future, please visit A Brighter Day for more resources. We have great information available on teen stress, depression, positivity, and more ways to help.

On behalf of your team at A Brighter Day Charity, we wish you and your family a terrific 2022 filled with love, family, support, health, and friends.

Family Holiday and Happy New Year Photo

All the best,


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